TOP-Seminar for Therapists

Personality oriented psychotherapy on the basis of the Osnabrücker Personality Diagnostic Tool TOP

Personality-Oriented Psychotherapy (POPT) not only takes the client’s personal resources into account in a special way through a function-analytical psychological understanding, but also their problems and difficulties. The basis of POPT is the functional analysis of personality.

The diagnostic system (TOP), which is based on the PSI theory, makes it possible to gain an overview of the emotional and cognitive systems. Through testing and the application of the theory, motives, qualities and competences that are relevant for the self and identity become visible.

PSI theory and TOP diagnostics complement conventional approaches in personality psychology which sees the causes of problems and symptoms primarily in mental content (e.g. cognitions, emotions and intentions). However, empirical studies have shown that good content (positive emotions, good thoughts and insights, locus of control or good intentions) is not sufficient if it cannot be implemented through the necessary functions. Thus, less content-related aspects (schemata, cognitions, emotions, intentions) are dealt with, but rather fundamental aspects of the self, such as motivation, motive structure and its implementation, central abilities of self-management, emotion and action regulation, and thus central aspects of identity, individual experience and action.

Personality-oriented psychotherapy is basically compatible with many psychotherapeutic approaches across schools, in particular with function-analytical psychotherapy.

This being the case, emphasis is placed on considering the cause level while taking the most current psychological research findings into consideration.

The PSI theory is a meta-theory that integrates valid findings of modern psychology in an application-oriented way.

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by arrangementOsnabrück, InnovationsCentrum
Albert-Einstein Str. 1
49076 Osnabrück
Dr. Judith Bahmer

Investition: 490,00 EUR – The price includes snacks and drinks.


Overview of the underlying personality theory.

Introduction to the theory of personality-system interactions (PSI theory) by Prof. Dr. Julius Kuhl

Licensing for the available online test database at the Osnabrücker Personality Diagnostics (TOP):

  • Test modules for recording resources, pivotal points for change and individual development potentials
  • Structure of conscious/non-conscious motives (attachment, performance, power, freedom)
  • Individual strategies for motive implementation (incl. functionality)
  • Profile of self-management competences
  • Personality styles and disorders as well as their change under stress conditions

Facilitation and structuring of expert opinions, applications and reports

Discussion of case studies

Therapeutic objectives and interventions based on theory and test results

Terms & Explanations

PSI = Personality Systems Interactions
TOP = Training Accompanying Osnabrück Personality Diagnostics / Therapy Accompanying    Osnabrück Personality Diagnostics
EOS = Development-Oriented Scanning
SSI = Self-Management Inventory
HAKEMP = Test for Recording Action Situation Orientation
MUT = Motif Implementation Test
OMT = Operant Multi-Motive Test
BEF = State-of-Mind Questionnaire
PSSI = Personality Style and Disturbance Inventory
SEKS = Personal Styles under Stress
IMPAF = Implicit Affects


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