PSI Basic Course with SSI Licensing

Promote efficient and sustainable change processes with TOP-EOS diagnostics by Prof. Dr. Julius Kuhl.


In this three-day seminar, you will gain basic knowledge of the PSI theory. Each participant is given the opportunity to take a free self-management test to try out the function-analytical understanding on himself or with a client. This seminar module is the prerequisite for participation in the advanced training courses to become a PSI competence consultant with TOP/EOS diagnostics.

When?Where?With whom?
by arrangementOsnabrück, InnovationsCentrum
Albert-Einstein Str. 1
49076 Osnabrück
Prof. Dr. Julius Kuhl
Dr. Gudula Ritz
Ingrid Rath-Arnold

Investition: 690,00 EUR The price includes snacks and drinks.


Introduction to PSI-Theory (Personality Systems Interaction Theory)

Introduction to Functional Analytical Thinking

The Levels of Personality


Licensing for the SSI/HAKEMP

(self-controlling inventory, test for recording action situation orientation)

The multi-level personality diagnostics is based on the PSI theory, the personality system interaction theory according to Prof. Dr. Julius Kuhl, and thus on current psychological and neuropsychological findings. PSI theory is a highly integrative meta-theory that is hardly encountered in today’s science. The advantage of this theory is that it can be applied very well in different fields of practice.

In contrast to traditional personality assessments, it is not a matter of assigning a person to specific personality categories. Self-management diagnostics in particular opens up perspectives on a person’s resources and development opportunities.

Self-diagnostics enormously accelerates the search for starting points for change: Blockades, which are not only due to the external problem or the contents, can be recognized immediately. Possibilities for change become clear, starting at the cause level and showing creative training and development possibilities.

Terms & Explanations

PSI = Personality Systems Interactions
TOP= Training Accompanying Osnabrück Personality Diagnostics / Therapy Accompanying    Osnabrück Personality Diagnostics
EOS= Development-Oriented Scanning
SSI= Self-Management Inventory
HAKEMP= Test for Recording Action Situation Orientation
MUT= Motif Implementation Test
OMT= Operant Multi-Motive Test
BEF= State-of-Mind Questionnaire
PSSI= Personality Style and Disturbance Inventory
SEKS= Personal Styles under Stress
IMPAF= Implicit Affects


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