PSI Development Course Motives with OMT/MUT Licensing

Efficient and sustainable change processes are promoted with TOP-EOS diagnostics according to Prof. Dr. Julius Kuhl.


In this three-day seminar, basic knowledge on the PSI theory in relation to the complex field of social motives is conveyed in a practice-oriented manner. Motives are in the foreground here: relationship, performance, power and freedom. Motives are an important basis for experiential learning. Each participant is given the opportunity of a free MUT/OMT scan to try out the function-analytical understanding on himself or with a client.

When?Where?With whom?
by arrangementOsnabrück, InnovationsCentrum
Albert-Einstein Str. 1
49076 Osnabrück
Dr. Gudula Ritz
Ingrid Rath-Arnold

Investition: 485,00 EUR The price includes snacks and drinks.


PSI – Theory (Personality- Systems-lnteractions-Theory) – In-depth

Introduction to a function-analytical perspective on motives

Conscious and unconscious motives

Functional analysis of motive discrepancies

Motive implementation styles

Licensing for the MUT/OMT (motive implementation test, operator multi motive test)

The multi-level personality diagnostics according to Prof. Dr. Julius Kuhl places motive diagnostics at the centre of every development process. Here you will find additional pivotal points for orientation and change. Only those who live according to their inner needs, values and goals and harmonize these can maintain or develop success and quality of life. The advantage of motive diagnosis is that it can be applied very well in various fields of practice.

There is no other motive diagnosis comparable to that of TOP/EOS. Conscious motive strengths and motive implementation styles offer a variety of possibilities for reflection and clarification. The acquisition of unconscious motives is precisely matched to this and enables the unique detection of motive discrepancies. Motive discrepancies are scientifically proven vulnerability factors that block personality development and can reduce performance and the quality of life. Even psychosomatic illnesses have been scientifically confirmed as a result of certain motive discrepancies.

Motive diagnostics enormously accelerates the search of starting points for more agreement and authenticity: at a glance, paths of development and blockades on an unconscious cause or function level.can become visible.

Terms & Explanations

PSI= Personality Systems Interactions
TOP=Training Accompanying Osnabrück Personality Diagnostics / Therapy Accompanying     Osnabrück Personality Diagnostics
EOS = Development-Oriented Scanning
SSI= Self-Management Inventory
HAKEMP= Test for Recording Action Situation Orientation
MUT= Motif Implementation Test
OMT= Operant Multi-Motive Test
BEF= State-of-Mind Questionnaire
PSSI= Personality Style and Disturbance Inventory
SEKS= Personal Styles under Stress
IMPAF= Implicit Affects


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