woodstocking® as a Comprehensive Tool for Improving Self-Management

For example, from Maja Storch’s work on embodiment in the Zurich Resource Model, which is closely linked to PSI theory, many coaches, consultants and therapists are already aware of the importance of the soul-body relationship and the potential that exists through the neuroplasticity of our brain.

Those who predominantly use conversation-oriented methods may benefit from adding others with different approaches and activation possibilities in order to offer a variety appropriate to the type and situation and to stimulate client clarification and development. This is where body-oriented methods could be useful.

Particularly interesting in combination with the PSI theory are methods that bring about an awareness and regulation of affects and are stimulating for the activation of the 4 systems.

woodstocking® is a body-oriented mental training which, with 12 exercises and a duration of 6.5 minutes, can be well integrated into modern everyday life. With a minimum of time, a lasting effect can be achieved through consistent practice. This mental training was conceived for practising alone and at home (or at work) and accordingly provides plenty of instruction material. It is therefore particularly suitable for clients’ individual training in order to support their change process.

Body-oriented exercises such as the woodstocking® concept promote brain integration and thus access to the self and self-awareness; in addition, the mental training elements of the 12 woodstocking® exercises promote factors of self-management such as the ability to concentrate. The increase of attentiveness for mental and physical processes is overall beneficial and holistically health-promoting.

The woodstocking® exercises are carried out with the help of a finely crafted and ergonomic, modern-looking solid wood stick made of ash, so that the stick, the Woodstock, can be seen as an individual training partner. Through the Woodstock the exercise becomes a haptic experience, the straightening up of the whole body is easier and the stretching movements become precise and expansive.

The pole’s own weight of approx. 1.2 kg and the movement sequences also support the physical training effects.

In this 1.75-day seminar, woodstocking® is presented as a method of improving self-management. The seminar is especially aimed at coaches or people in consulting professions who want to enrich their methods with a valuable and comprehensive supplement and who are curious and interested in body-oriented methods.

This is not an introductory user workshop, but a format specifically designed for the professional groups mentioned above. Woodstocking® can be experienced through selected exercises within this seminar. Furthermore, there will be background knowledge about embodiment and neuroplasticity as well as some practice-oriented exercises to promote the integration of woodstocking® into one’s own practice.

  • The introductory course “PSI Licensing Module 1” is required.
  • A woodstocking® stick is provided by us for the seminar. You can buy the set in the seminar or in advance. You can find more information at woodstocking.de.

After the 1.75 days and a break of about 1 hour, you will have the opportunity to inquire about further seminars and possibilities concerning woodstocking®.

The Woodstöcker will be provided by us for the duration of the seminar. If you would like to buy a complete set and, if necessary, a fabric bag during the seminar and take it home with you, this is of course possible. You can also buy the woodstocking® training set directly via onlineshop (woodstocking.de).

Practical, own woodstocking® experience is desirable for the seminar, but not a prerequisite. Please do not hesitate to order a set in order to personally gain your experience with woodstocking®.

Sabine Happe has worked as a coach in her own practice in Hamburg for 15 years and has been a certified TOP-competence consultant since 2010 and an associated woodstocking® coach since 2018. Sabine Happe is specialized in goal-finding and goal-achievement; she uses TOP-diagnostics and embodiment methods in her work and teaches PSI-theory in her trainings for clients.

When?Where?With whom?
2020 – exact date to be announced soonnOsnabrück, InnovationsCentrum
Albert-Einstein Str. 1
49076 Osnabrück
Sabine Happe

Cost: 336,20 EUR – The price includes snacks and drinks.

A woodstocking® stick will be provided for the duration of the seminar.

1. Day: 09.00 –18.00
2. Day: 09.00 –15.30; 16.00 – 17.00, a further information event for those interested


Introduction to woodstocking® as a comprehensive method to improve self-management, e.g. to increase concentration and self-awareness

The elements of woodstocking® and its possibilities

The role of body work and embodiment in the process of change

Links between the PSI-Theory and woodstocking®

The activation potential through woodstocking® and embodiment

Active, selected woodstocking® exercises (movement exercises)

Practical relevance through case discussions and brainstorming on how to integrate woodstocking® into your own coaching, consulting or therapy practice

woodstocking® combines 12 movement exercises specially developed for use with the Woodstock (ash stick, ergonomic, solid wood) with music and positively stimulating spoken sentences on basic human qualities. woodstocking® is designed so that people can learn and practice the exercises independently.

woodstocking® embraces the knowledge of neuroplasticity and embodiment and offers the practitioner gentle and focused training on concentration, self-awareness and upright inner and outer posture.

woodstocking® is tangible for clients, which means that with Woodstock they have a haptically and visually appealing everyday companion. As a coach, consultant or therapist, you can use woodstocking® as a partner: change processes are supported by the client’s own work.

Body oriented
woodstocking® elegantly uses the mental and emotional potential that can be stimulated by motor processes and an upright physical posture. woodstocking® is body-oriented, i.e. the extrinsic cause is always the movement that is carried out with the stick. At the same time, new neuronal connections and ways of thinking and thus an inner positive attitude, positive thoughts and an inner maturing process are stimulated.

Target group

This seminar is aimed at coaches, consultants and therapists who are already familiar with the PSI-theory and who use the TOP-test for self-management with clients. It is aimed primarily at those who want to fill their toolbox with tools for improving self-management, are interested in body-oriented procedures and embodiment and are looking for a high-quality methodology. Woodstocking® is particularly interesting because it can be carried out by clients on their own initiative parallel to the ongoing process of coaching, counselling or therapy, e.g. at home, and thus enables good support possibilities.

Minimum number of participants: 10, maximum number of participants: 15


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